Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cooking misadventure

One time, I decided to try baking brazo de mercedes. I have no formal training or schooling in baking and it is my first time to bake. So what I have is purely guts in baking and the result is not as good. When our son saw the appearance of my finished product, he told me I cooked siko(elbow) de mercedes instead of brazo de mercedes. I just laughed and laughed and told him that when I bake again next time, it will be much better...

lumpiang singkamas

One of Ninang Miring's(our aunt who stays with us) specialty is lumpiang singkamas. At first, I don't eat this kind of lumpia, what I like is lumpiang ubod. But when she decided to cook it again one day, I gave it a try and I liked what I tasted. My reason for trying? My husband told me to try eating foods which I don't like or I feel I can't eat especially vegetables because it's good for our body. Now I can eat lumpiang singkamas...

mango crepe

If there's one dessert I love to order in the restaurant that me and my husband frequently visit when he is on vacation is the mango crepe. I'm an ice cream lover, one of my favorite fruit is mango, so the first time i tasted this dessert, I certainly fell in love with it. But making this dessert is very easy, so one weekend, I decided to make this at home and the result is quite good. Wanna see what I prepared?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

delicious lasagna

I love pasta dishes and one of my favorite pasta dish is lasagna. I remembered the first time I baked one for my son Lance. It didn't taste quite as good. There seems to be lacking. The second time I tried, it's much better but I'm still not satisfied with the taste. I got it the third time. The key is in the right amount of ingredients, white wine, spices, whole tomatoes, mozzarellas.